by Dialogue Client: AGA
aga living

Dialogue began working with AGA Rangemaster in 2013. In addition to a full publishing service and the AGA Living lifestyle, we also created and delivered a targeted marketing campaign on behalf of AGA Rangemaster throughout the wider Archant portfolio along with subscription promotion through digital and print platforms.


AGA Rangemaster wanted to communicate with current and prospective AGA owners to enhance the rewarding experience of owning an AGA and use Dialogue’s content marketing expertise to position the AGA name as a contemporary brand with a rich heritage.

THE Challenge

As an audience, AGA owners are affluent home owners with high disposable incomes who take a keen interest in other premium brands. AGA owners – many of whom would claim to be unable to live without their AGA – are a very loyal group and the level of goodwill associated with the brand is without comparison in the kitchen industry.

Over many decades, AGA has built a reputation for iconic design, uncompromising quality and award-winning innovation and its products are cherished as part of family life the world over. It is this, and the sense of connection that AGA owners have with their cookers, that makes AGA such a strong brand. As a result, all content marketing on all channels must be equal to the high expectations of this audience.


AGA Living has been created to provide its core audience of registered AGA owners with a mix of lifestyle content covering food and recipes, travel, interiors, design and celebrity profiles. This lifestyle content is blended with information about the latest AGA cookers as well as its sister brands Fired Earth, Divertimenti and AGA Cookshop.