2015 Winners

The International Content Marketing Awards are the single most competitive awards for content marketing agencies, and this year saw a record number of agency entrants. Last year’s awards received over 400 award entries from 100 agencies, representing work of over 200 brands and businesses. These entries came from 21 different countries, including nominations from UK, USA, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden and Israel.

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Grand Prix

The Power of Sport, Mediacom Beyond Advertising, Shell

Power of Sport, Shell, Mediacom Beyond Advertising

The winner of the prestigious Grand Prix was a unanimous verdict, with all four judges agreeing that it “confidently and demonstrably met the overall objective of improving credibility.” The campaign, produced by Mediacom Beyond Advertising for Shell, used the movement of children playing football on a previously neglected pitch in Rio de Janeiro to power the floodlights, as well as giving them a safe place to play.

“This was an innovative, original, creative and brilliant campaign,” said the judges, “that answered the brief perfectly and improved Shell’s credibility on a global basis. The campaign reached across all parts of society from a grass roots level within the community in Brazil through to multi-millions of social media impressions across Shell’s owned media. In short, it’s a fantastic piece of content marketing that made an enormous impact.”

1. Best Automotive

Volvo Trucks vs Koenigsegg, Volvo Trucks, Spoon

Gold - Volvo Trucks, Spoon

Harley Owners Group (EMEA), Harley-Davidson Europe, Archant Dialogue

Silver - Harley, Harley-Davidson, Archant

Onelife, Jaguar Land Rover, Redwood

Bronze - Onelife, Jaguar Land Rover, Redwood

Volvo Trucks commissioned Spoon to spread awareness of the brand’s I-Shift Dual Clutch gearbox in the most entertaining and innovative way possible, so the Swedish content agency came up with ‘Volvo Trucks vs Koenigsegg’. The central piece of content was a film of a race between a Volvo FH truck and one of the world’s fastest sports cars, the Koenigsegg One:1, reflecting the heritage of the gearbox, whose technology came from the sports car world. The resulting seven-minute film has been viewed over 4.2m times on YouTube and social media, and generated a total of 412 headlines in 35 countries.

The solution astonished the judges with its “brilliant results” and “very impressive levels of views and interactions”, while the film itself “made something very dull very sexy, using globally recognised talent to make it incredibly human”.

Meanwhile, the judges were impressed with Archant Dialogue’s solution for Harley Owners Group (EMEA), for its “strong brand synergy” and “beautiful execution”, as well as Redwood’s Onelife for Jaguar Land Rover, saying “it’s multi-channel with gusto and scores highly on effectiveness.”

2. Best Finance

Barclays Editorial Board, Barclays, Redwood

Gold - Barclays Editorial Board, Redwood

Vitality Content, John Brown Media, Vitality

Silver - Vitality, John Brown

Continuum Client Education Programme, Continuum (Financial Services) LLP, Social Advisors

Bronze - Continuum, Social Advisors

The Barclays Editorial Board is a multi-channel content delivery platform created for the banking brand that enables Redwood to produce articles, social posts, videos, web articles, emails, ATM screens and briefing guides for Barclays customers. This solution makes Barclays the first financial services brand in the UK to take a multi-channel newsroom-style approach to content creation and distribution, allowing the content agency to react quickly to news events and deliver content to the right people. Results were impressive, with an average engagement rate 60% higher than the industry average and a content advocacy rate of +24.

“This is a brand new model for a long-term strategy,” enthused the judges. “It’s definitely something that others can learn from.”

The entry for Vitality Content also impressed the judges for its “great understanding of audience and brand”, while the Continuum Client Education Programme “has driven its client brand forward through effective use of content.”

3. Best Travel & leisure

Northern Ireland, Game of Thrones Territory, Tourism Ireland Ltd, Publicis London

Gold - Game of Thrones, Tourism Ireland Ltd, Publicis

Scandinavian Traveler, Scandinavian Airlines, OTW

Silver - Scandinavian Traveler, Scandinavian Airlines, OTW

Relaunching Qantas Magazine, Qantas Airways, Medium Rare Content Agency

Bronze - Quantas Magazine, Medium Rare

Tourism Ireland Ltd wanted to capitalise on the success of Game of Thrones and the fact that much of the TV series was filmed there, so they commissioned Publicis London to promote Northern Ireland as a tourist destination using social media. The solution was a series of micro-action videos, filmed in Northern Ireland, with each one featuring key themes from the show that fans were already talking about on social media. These videos plus a series of stills were distributed across Facebook and Twitter over a 12-week period during key episodes of Game of Thrones, amassing over 4.5m views on Facebook, 38,000 likes on Instagram, and an 11% increase in visitors to Northern Ireland.

“This was a hugely creative idea,” said the judges, “with incredible results. The entire solution demonstrated great amplification and fantastic multi-platform activation.”

Scandinavian Traveler also impressed the judges with its “joined-up and highly shareable content across many channels,” while Qantas Magazine delivered “great results in a short space of time and valuable ROI.”

4. Best Membership (not-for-profit/charities/associations)

Trail Memories of Norway, DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association), Geelmuyden Kiese

Gold - Trail Memories of Norway, DNT, Geelmuyden Kiese

Financial Management magazine and app, CIMA, Seven

Silver - Financial Management, CIMA, Seven

More Than Meets The Eye, ActiZ & V&VN, MADE BY JACK

Bronze - More than meets the eye, ActiZ & V&VN, MADE BY JACK

Anyone who’s ever been to Norway will be aware of its stunning beauty and fantastic walking trails. For over 140 years, the Norwegian Trekking Association have been working to promote trekking and the country’s open and free network of trails. But in order to maintain the 22,000km of pathways, they needed to raise their profile and attract new members.

The solution was found through social media and the organisation’s own website as they encouraged people to share their trail experiences using images, videos and stories, placing them all on a digital map for others to be inspired. Within a few weeks after launch, the map was filled with over 3,000 unique contributions, attracting over 50,000 unique visitors and 200,000 page views. More importantly, the Association set a new record for paying members, with more than 15,000 new members joining during summer 2015, a 110% increase on the previous year.

“This entry did a great job with UGC,” said the judges. “It elevated a simple walk to a full experience of the organisation, with the effectiveness coming from the enrichment of emotions involved in being connected to the organisation.”

Gaining a silver award was Seven’s work with the CIMA, which the judges described as “good activation of social content with a great element of personalisation”, as well as MADE BY JACK’s ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ for ActiZ & V&VN, which is “beautifully crafted and works well from a brand perspective.”

5. Best Consumer Membership

My VIP magazine, Pets at Home, John Brown Media

Gold - My VIP Magazine, Pets at Home, John Brown Media

The Club, British Airways, Cedar

Silver - The Club, British Airways, Cedar

The Peninsular Club content programme, P&O Cruises, Sunday

Bronze - The Peninsular Club, P&O, Sunday

The 750,000-circulation print quarterly produced for animal accessory store Pets at Home is an integral part of the VIP Club, the brand’s membership scheme for its customers and their pets. The magazine covers all pet types, providing the club’s 3.2m members with a free, tangible benefit that includes exclusive offers and practical content, as well as a sense of community.

Now in its third year, the magazine continues to operate as a huge membership driver, with 13% of readers subsequently joining the club. It’s also a huge commercial success, with revenue increasing 36% year-on-year and 25% more suppliers paying for advertising compared to last year.
“This magazine really knows its audience,” enthused the judges, “and provides them with brilliant, compelling content.”

Elsewhere, Cedar’s The Club, produced for British Airways was described by the judges as “really well executed across every channel,” while Sunday’s The Peninsular Club for P&O Cruises demonstrated “real commitment to quality and delivering the full package of content.”

6. Best Retail Consumer

IKEA – Big Brother, IKEA Israel, McCann Tel Aviv

Gold - IKEA, Big Brother, McCann Tel Aviv

The ICA Case, ICA Norway, REDINK

Silver - The ICA Case, ICA Norway, REDINK

Love Is On, Revlon, MediaCom Beyond Advertising

Bronze - Love is On, Revlon, Mediacom

McCann Tel Aviv were faced with a question: what would be the best content solution for IKEA, one that creates desirability while reflecting the furniture brand’s values of great design, large range and suitability for many people? Their answer was inspired: become an integral part of one of the most popular TV programmes in the world – Big Brother.

So, along with Keshet, Israel’s leading broadcaster, they made IKEA a key part of the initial excitement of the show, making all the furniture in the Big Brother house not only IKEA, but packing it all up in boxes for the housemates to open. Within minutes, the internet and social media was flooded with mentions of Big Brother and IKEA, while Israel’s leading newspaper and other primetime programmes talked in great detail about the stunt. Awareness of IKEA rocketed and three quarters of viewers expressed an intention of future purchase from IKEA.

“This was truly disruptive on a huge scale,” said the judges. “The execution looked outside the brand’s comfort zone and found a campaign that was truly surprising and stand-out.”

Gaining a Silver award was REDINK’s work with ICA Norway, which the judges described as “brave and innovative”, while MediaCom Beyond Advertising’s ‘Love Is On’ for Revlon impressed with its “really strong engagement and significant jump in brand favourability.”

7. Best Non-Retail Consumer

Power of Sport, Shell, MediaCom Beyond Advertising

Gold - Power of Sport, Shell, Mediacom

Brand Response Campaign, The Economist, Proximity London (Creative) UM London (Media)

Silver - The Economist, Proximity London, UM London

Cities Energized: The Urban Transition, Shell, MediaCom Beyond Advertising

Bronze - Cities Energized, Shell, Mediacom

The Power of Sport project aimed to demonstrate Shell’s ability to meet future energy demands as well as its commitment to shaping healthy neighbourhoods by harnessing energy from an unexpected source – the passion and movement of children who play football. This was achieved by bringing back to life a neglected football field in a Rio de Janeiro favela using kinetic tiles and solar panels. When children played on the field, the energy from their movement would power the floodlights on the stadium, as well as giving them a safe place to play and resurrecting a sense of vibrancy in the community.

The impact of the project was enormous: The first 48 hours following the launch saw 114 pieces of media coverage globally, totalling 320 placements in more than 20 countries in six weeks. Social media was just as impressive, with 16 million impressions generated from social conversation and 35 million people reached through Shell’s owned channels and 30 million more impressions of the Condé Nast custom content.

“This is a big idea that links the country, the sport and the product seamlessly,” said the judges. “They also achieved great results, with very high creative and production values.”

Other entries that impressed the judges included the Brand Response Campaign for The Economist, which the judges praised for its “excellent use of data and planning”, and a second entry for Shell and MediaCom Beyond Advertising, which “was a big global idea turned into an effective creative idea.”

8. Best Public Sector/government

Changing The Face Of The British Army, The British Army, Time Inc Content and Mediacom

Gold - British Army, Time Inc. with Mediacom

Forum #3, Försvarsmakten, Make Your Mark

Silver - Forum #3, Forsvarsmakten, Make your Mark

CNES Magazine, National Centre for Space Studies, Citizen Press

Bronze - CNES Magazine, National Centre for Space Studies, Citizen Press

With just 9% of British soldiers being female, the Army faced a problem. For a modern fighting force, diversity is critical and so MediaCom were tasked with delivering a content package that would address this imbalance. Their solution was to develop a narrative and distribution platform to encourage a positive view of the armed forces in a way that’s relevant to a female audience.

So a dozen female journalists were sourced from Time Inc’s brands to live the life of a member of the British armed forces, while asking current female soldiers to tell their stories. The result was over 50 pieces of content for print, social and digital platforms, distributed through a combination of Time Inc Channels (Marie Claire, Look and Now) and the British Army’s web and social channels. Since the campaign began, applications from women for roles in the British Army have increased by 45%, now averaging 23% of the total applicants – results that clearly impressed the judges.

“They really nailed it,” they said. “There was a clear media strategy and the content worked well across all channel.”

Close behind was Make Your Mark’s work for Försvarsmakten, with its “good use of typography and photography”, as well as Citizen Press and the CNES Magazine ¬and its “good editorial themes and nice dual format.”

9. Best Internal

Outside>In, RBS, beetroot

Gold - Best internal, Outside In, RBS, beetroot

We Can Sort It Out, Royal Mail, The Moment

Silver - We can sort it out, Royal Mail, The Moment

Green Room, Heineken, Flickering Wall

Bronze - Green Room, Heineken, Flickering Wall

As the internal magazine for RBS, Outside>In is distributed to everyone who works for RBS around the world and aims to help employees better understand and adopt the bank’s new set of values and customer-centric focus. The title brings the bank’s values to life through human interest stories and showcases how employees are living the bank’s values both inside and outside of work.

The results of a 2014 reader survey demonstrated how well the magazine is regarded, with 96% saying the it was easy to read, 94% finding it informative and interesting, and 75% saying the stories were inspiring and made them feel proud to work for RBS.

“The angle on the content is different to a traditional format,” said the judges, “and it shows clear engagement from the senior execs.”

Elsewhere Royal Mail’s We Can Sort It Out gained praise for its “great creative execution” while Heineken’s Green Room was “refreshingly different, with a clear passion for its employees throughout.”

10. Best Specialist

Toy Unboxings, Argos, AllTogetherNow

Gold - Toy unboxings, Argos, All Together Now

805 Million Names, World Food Programme, Matter AB

Silver - 805 Million Names, World Food Programme, Matter AB

50 Years of Special Stamps, Royal Mail Group, Speak Media

Bronze - Royal Mail, Speak Media

With a brief to deliver a content series idea which would showcase brilliant toys online, create stand-out and help to cement Argos as Britain’s foremost toy retailer, AllTogetherNow created a series of ‘unboxing’ videos. The videos show a toy being taken out of its box and being described in fine detail – simple enough but these type of videos are the second most popular search on YouTube.

Within a relatively short space of time, the Argos ‘Toy Unboxings’ built up over a million views, with an average viewing percentage of 70% – a rare amount of attention for YouTube. “This solution is built on strong insights and works well with the brand,” said the judges. “It links well with brand strategy and makes the brand human and innovative.”

Meanwhile, 805 Million Names produced for the World Food Programme was roundly praised for its “high level of innovation and creativity in triggering a global campaign around hunger,” and 50 Years of Special Stamps produced for Royal Mail Group was “rich in content and well targeted.”

11. Best B2B: Industry & Manufacturing

Make What Matters, Makino, gyro

Gold - Make What Matters, Makino, gyro

REED Apoint, REED Global, Redactive

SIlver - REED, Redactive

Foodbrigade, Sligro Food Group, LVB Networks

Bronze - Foodbrigade, Sligro, LVB Networks

A global manufacturer of machine tools, the US-based Makino launched a marketing campaign titled Make What Matters to celebrate and support manufacturing professionals to a target audience of engineers. The campaign used a wide variety of channels, including a website, customer publications, webinar programme, white papers and social media, engaging and informing existing and potential customers. Despite manufacturing being a tough marketplace, results were impressive across the board, including case study views on Makino.com increasing by 31%, a 121% increase in white paper downloads, and a 515% increase in likes and 8,343% increase in page impressions on Facebook.

“This is a complete 360o campaign,” said the judges, “with amazing stats and a clear ability to engage a tough audience.”

Elsewhere, Foodbrigade produced for Sligro Food Group was praised for its “unique content solution” and “brilliant impact on a previously unengaged audience,” while Reed Apoint created for Reed Global possessed “on-the-money subject matter that clearly resonated with the target audience.”

12. Best B2B: Professional & Financial Services

REED Salary Guides 2015, REED, McCann Birmingham

Gold - REED Salary Guides, REED Global, McCann Birmingham

Improving Customer Experience Through Better Use Of Technology, Microsoft, Retail Week Connect

Silver - Microsoft, Retail Week Connect


Global recruiter REED produces annual Salary Guide Reports as a tool to help its agents sell their services to potential clients, as well as advise employers and candidates on salary levels. This year they launched 12 guides – one national and 11 sector-specific – and so required an integrated campaign to support their launch.

The solution was to enhance the existing content, making it more engaging and relevant for a range of different audiences and channels, and commission a piece of bespoke research about the personal opinions and motivations of the UK workforce. From this, a series of content pieces were produced on a number of platforms that resulted in REED having more than 68 pieces of editorial coverage and 105,000 Salary Guide Campaign page views – a 270% increase on 2014.

“This demonstrates an impressive distribution strategy,” enthused the judges, “and a terrific expression and delivery of a subject that’s critical to its audiences.”

Second in the category is Retail Week Connect’s work with Microsoft. This was “nicely aligned with the brand’s objectives” and “a classic example of relevant thought leadership.”

13. Best B2B: Technology & Telecoms

Revenge of the (IT) Nerds, Dell, MediaCom Beyond Advertising

Gold - Revenge of the Nerds, Dell, Mediacom

#VOOM Pitch to Rich, Virgin Media Business, Electric Glue/Global Living Brands

Silver - VOOM, Virgin, Electric Blue

Ericsson Mobility Report, Ericsson, Harleys

Bronze - Ericsson, Harleys

With a brief to make Dell a more trusted brand within Germany’s community of IT decision makers, MediaCom Beyond Advertising created a 16-webisode sitcom, telling the day-to-day stories and struggles that only their target audience could understand. These webisodes were promoted via Germany’s biggest IT websites plus tightly targeted Facebook video ads and blogger outreach, all designed to drive the audience to Dell’s new Tumblr page, where IT Administrators could create memes and contribute stories of the ‘Dumbest Assumable User’ in their companies. This strategy clearly paid off: In one week the first video generated more than 120,000 organic views, 3,000 shares and more than 1,000 comments, while in four months, the videos created a 213,000-strong community of IT professionals, with 20% returning regularly.

“This entry’s strength was in understanding the influences on IT purchase decision-makers,” said the judges. “The winner communicated with their target in an engaging and entertaining manner.”

Elsewhere, Virgin Media Business’s ‘#VOOM Pitch to Rich’ campaign “leveraged the strength and values of the Virgin brand, making the campaign unmissable,” while the Ericsson Mobility Report “generated a great amount of free media, positioning the brand as a true knowledge source.

14. Best Brochure/catalogue

John Lewis Baby, John Lewis, Sunday

Gold - John Lewis Baby, Sunday

John Lewis Home, John Lewis, John Brown Media

Silver - John Lewis HOME, John Brown Media

Baselworld Brand Book 2015, Baselworld, MCH Swiss Exhibitions, Sunday

Bronze - Baselworld, MCH Swiss Exhibitions, Sunday

Distributed in-store and digitally to over 150,000 expectant parents and new mums, the John Lewis Baby catalogue spans a wide range of channels, from print to online, social to video. While the catalogue featured inviting and supportive editorial matched with beautiful imagery, the videos were both inspirational and practical, providing a visual summary of John Lewis services that would help any mum-to-be plan for their new arrival. The catalogue played a huge part in driving sales, contributing to a 40% uplift in sales, while the videos have a combined viewing figure of over 335,000 views.

“This is a fantastic piece of multi-platform content,” said the judges. “It’s clear and very on-brand, with some great photography.”

John Lewis also takes the Silver award this year, with the John Lewis Home catalogue, a “very high-quality product that’s accessible to a wide range of customers.” The Bronze award is claimed by the Baselworld Brand Book 2015, which the judges praised for its “outstanding production values.”

15. Best Video

New Balance See My Run, New Balance, Almighty

Gold - New Balance See My Run, Almighty

The 11 Initiative, Aetna, Ogilvy & Mather

Silver - The 11 Initiative, Aetna, Ogilvy & Mather

Ask Nordea Live, Nordea Bank, DDB Stockholm

Bronze - Ask Nordea Live, Nordea Bank, DDB Stockholm

Tasked with launching a new range of running shoes, digital agency Almighty needed to elevate the brand through a broader global story, as well as make people understand what the shoes felt like to run in. So, working with New Balance, they identified 22 runners around the world and sent them a pair of ‘Fresh Foam’ shoes and a GoPro. The resulting content was a unique perspective into global running culture, with New Balance’s website pulling in content from seven continents (including Antarctica), 18 countries, 85 cities and 250+ runners, cultivating an engaged community of people and allowing New Balance to collect feedback from their most enthusiastic followers and share it with other customers across the world.

“This displays huge amounts of synergy,” enthused the judges. “The agency really understands runners which results in a highly engaging, viral element.”

Ogilvy & Mather’s ‘The 11 Initiative’ produced for Aetna was also praised by the judges for its “engaging creative and memorable concept,” as was DDB Stockholm’s ‘Ask Nordea Live’ for Nordea Bank, which “took a dry concept and made it engaging.”

16. Designer of the Year

John Lewis Edition, John Lewis, John Brown Media

Gold - John Lewis Edition, John Brown Media

John Lewis Home, John Lewis, John Brown Media

Silver - John Lewis HOME, John Brown Media

&London, Strutt & Parker, Sunday

Bronze - & London, Strutt & Parker, Sunday

As Art Director of John Lewis Edition, Claire Watters has a challenging task: to communicate the mix of fashion and homewares at John Lewis in an aspirational yet accessible way, reflecting the brand values of trust and love. She achieves this by creating themed issues, using stunning newsstand magazine imagery to shift preconceptions of John Lewis fashion, communicating quality within a tasteful, engaging and contemporary environment. Her clean, simple design results in a highly successful magazine, with products in the top five features in the last year showing an average uplift of +342% and a 16% year-on-year increase in advertising.

“Claire turns a customer magazine into a magazine worthy of the newsstand,” said the judges. “Her strong mix of editorial and product really elevates the brand and makes the magazine an aspirational experience.”

Sarah Masters’s work with John Lewis Home also received recognition, with the judges praising the title for its “very confident approach to the brief,” while Adrian Morris’s design for ‘&London’, produced for estate agents Strutt & Parker, impressed with its “clear idea behind every piece of editorial.”

17. Editor of the year

I-Global Intelligence for the CIO, Fujitsu, Seven

Gold - I-Global Intelligence for the CIO, Fujitsu, Seven

Cook Edition, John Lewis, John Brown Media

Silver - Cook Edition, John Lewis, John Brown Media

Foodservice Consultant, FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International), Progressive Customer Publishing

Bronze - FCSI, Progressive

With a brief to engage and sustain the hard-to-reach audience of chief information officers (CIOs), chief technology officers and other IT budget-holders, editor Kenny MacIver has guided his team to create a flow of content that’s timely, relevant and compelling. His deep understanding of the target audience and client brand has made this influential digital and social content essential reading for the world’s CIOs, resulting in over 143,000 unique monthly users built up in just 10 months.

“This is content marketing at its best,” said the judges. “All content is clearly aligned with the brand and delivered with a light touch. Excellent digital publishing.”

Meanwhile, Francesca Ryan’s work on John Lewis’s Cook Edition was praised for its “great lateral thought to drive product consideration,” and Michael Jones’s editorial direction on Foodservice Consultant demonstrated “great pride and care in its concept and design.”

18. Best Illustration

Modus, RICS, Sunday

Gold - Modus, RCIS, Sunday

The Roger Collective, Virgin, John Brown Media

Silver - The Roger Collective, Virgin, John Brown Media

VOA – Magazine of the Pelicas Club, Montepio Geral – Associação Mutualista, Pato Lógico

Bronze - VOA Magazine of the Pelicas Club, Montepio Geral, Pato Logico

Modus is the membership magazine for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, providing those who work in the world of construction, land or property with clear insight into this complex and rapidly changing industry. For the February issue, the creative team sought to highlight the human touch behind bricks and mortar by creating the masterplan of a city based on a fingerprint. This was achieved by renowned German designer Jacob Eisinger, who created an entire virtual city from scratch, using the contours of the fingerprint for the street pattern, before rendering all the buildings in 3D. The result was stunning and successful in pulling readers through to read the digital edition, with half of all impressions for the cover at rics.org leading to a user clicking through and reading the magazine.

“This illustration really brings the subject to life,” said the judges. “The human fingerprint is a great device and very visually appealing.”

Gaining a Silver award is The Roger Collective produced for Virgin, which the judges found “clever and charming”, while Bronze was taken by VOA – Magazine of the Pelicas Club for its “ability to tap into a number of markets.”

19. Best Photography

Cook Edition, John Lewis, John Brown Media

Gold - John Lewis Edition, John Brown Media

F&F Magazine, F&F, John Brown Media

Silver - F&F Magazine, F&f, John Brown Media

Completely London – Repton, Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward, August

Bronze - Completely London - Repton, Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward, August

Featuring 16 pages of food, kit, tableware and recipes, Cook Edition uses photography to entice its readers to recreate the magazine’s food moments in their homes. As well as inspiring its readers, the cross-genre publication plays an integral role in supporting educational stories to teach cooking skills or techniques, with its imagery bringing the food and products to life. Every issue of Cook Edition has 100% pick-up from stores, with as much as 93% unit sales uplift achieved on individual products featured in the magazine.

“It’s a truly remarkable feat to get food to look that perfect,” said the judges. “The magazine is an amazing combination of design and photography.”

F&F Magazine also impressed the judges with its “compelling way of displaying the urban environment,” while Completely London “totally changed our perception of the brand.”

20. Launch of the Year

Get Set Go Argos with #ArgosLive, Argos, AllTogetherNow

Gold - Argos, AllTogetherNow

#wimblewatch, evian, MEC

Silver - #wimblewatch, evian, MEC

Discovery, Cathay Pacific, Cedar Hong Kong

Bronze - Discovery, Cathay Pacific, Cedar HK

Created to complement and push the new Get Set Go Argos brand campaign, AllTogetherNow implemented a full plan of additional content across multiple social media channels. The goal was to sustain the energy and excitement created by the TV ad using live social media, photography, Go Pro footage and other videos, giving the retailer some fantastic results. A combination of social sharing and a carefully thought through media plan helped the ad became a huge hit on YouTube, with over 1m views in the first week. The #ArgosLive event with Katy B was also a triumph for the brand, with 27m impressions, over 1m views of the highlights video on YouTube and 250k+ social media interactions.

“The targeting of a younger audience completely alters the perception of the brand,” said the judges. “This execution uses multiple touch points and channels to great effect, and really engages with the audience.”

MEC’s work for evian also received praise for its “great results and use of personalities to engage more audiences,” while Cedar Hong Kong’s work for Cathay Pacific is “visually unique and very ‘Instagramable’.”

The 750,000-circulation print quarterly produced for animal accessory store Pets at Home is an integral part of the VIP Club, the brand’s membership scheme for its customers and their pets. The magazine covers all pet types, providing the club’s 3.2m members with a free, tangible benefit that includes exclusive offers and practical content, as well as a sense of community.

Now in its third year, the magazine continues to operate as a huge membership driver, with 13% of readers subsequently joining the club. It’s also a huge commercial success, with revenue increasing 36% year-on-year and 25% more suppliers paying for advertising compared to last year.

“This magazine really knows its audience,” enthused the judges, “and provides them with brilliant, compelling content.”

Elsewhere, Cedar’s The Club, produced for British Airways was described by the judges as “really well executed across every channel,” while Sunday’s The Peninsular Club for P&O Cruises demonstrated “real commitment to quality and delivering the full package of content.”